Sunday, 27 November 2011

Pleated Clutch Bags

Although I have been sewing for many years, I have never managed to master putting a zip in a bag, so I decided it was time that I taught myself. After watching a few blogs and looking at a few tutorials, I found this cute little clutch tutorial.

The first was a little bag for my hand bag, to keep all of those left over bits & pieces that float around the bottom of my bag. The aqua floral and pink material is some which I had left over from a quilt that I made and I just love these colours, so I decided what better way to use them.

The next bag that I made was for my Secret Pal. I had wanted to make her something handmade, which was a little more sophisticated than the red felt dove. I had recently made a cushion for a friend and had a range of olive coloured materials left over and loved this darker one. After making the bag I placed a few  manicure bits and pieces in it. I hope she liked it.

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