Sunday, 27 January 2013

Time flies!

Hi All,

WOW! How time flies.. looking through my last posts it has been WAY to long since my last post. I started a new job in June and unfortunately, but excitedly all my energy went into it...

Christmas has come and gone and for my first post of the year, I wanted to share some of the things that I created and constructed for my favourite season! 

I'm a sucker for a hand-made Christmas cards. Every year in October, I start to research which design I'm going to attempt & here is the WINNER! It was really easy to make & seemed to be appreciated.

I was lucky enough this Christmas to host my better-halfs family. Of course the theme was purple (to match the cards - lol) It was a great night!

I was worried that my gorgeous nephews were going to get bored in our tiny house, especially with the lousy weather. So I made them some gifts to play with. This is probably the most appropriate time to mention that I am OBSESSED with Pinterest... all of these ideas were scoped from there, and I was so impressed that they all worked and were a hit with the boys..

The last lot of goodies I wanted to share were some of the gift and things I made for my class and collegues.. They were such a great cohort of kids and the staff at my new school were so welcoming and supportive. For the staff I made reindeer noses (an idea from pinterest) and the kiddos some lolly/gift bags..

So - that was my Christmas! Busy, but really enjoyable.. Below are the links for some of the above stuff. Hopefully I can post a bit more soon... 2 days until school goes back - ahhhh!

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