Monday, 12 December 2011

Look what my man made!! - Stained Glass Shortbread

As much as I love to bake, I have a confession... My husband is much better at it than I am. Recently I had these stained glass window shortbread biscuits on my list to make for my colleagues, however, ran out of time.. As I was a little overwhelmed with the things that I had to do, my wonderful husband offered to make them for me. 

I found the recipe in the 2011 Christmas edition of Super Food Ideas and thought they were very christmassy. It is a basic shortbread recipe, which you cut any desired shape out of, and then place a boiled lolly in the centre. Once cooked, just sprinkle with sugar. I struggled to find boiled lollies which did not have a white swirl in them, so they turned out a little more opaque than I had pictured. 

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