Monday, 18 June 2012

Oh I LOVE giving presents!!!

It was a special little persons 1st Birthday on the weekend, and I couldn't help myself and took the occasion as an excuse to sew up & create some pretty girl things.
The first was a hair clip holder. I love the fact that you can find old things, that nobody has a use for and revamp them to suit another purpose.

For this project I used an old wooden photo frame which I found at my mother-in-laws house - The glass was broken - so it was perfect!. After a few coats of paint, with the addition of some wadding, material and ribbon & voila' - a gorgeous hair clip holder. Here are some before and after photos as well as some other close ups.

The other present I made for this lovely little one was a singlet and skirt set. I had been experimenting with an owl applique and this was the finished product - So cute! I love it when what you produce matches the picture you have had in your head, exactly.. She seemed to like them - she is such a clothes girl..

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  1. Gorgeous Nat - I love them ;)
    I have a photo frame with broken glass too, but it's a big one!