Monday, 27 February 2012

Singlets for James..

Not that long a go I created some singlets for my gorgeous niece Isabel. I had been wanting to try a range for boys, but was struggling to put my ideas into action. Those who know me, would know that I am kind of surrounded by a baby boom at the moment - Multiple people I know have had children in the last year, and the 1st birthday of one of those gorgeous little men is this Sunday. So what better opportunity to create some little men singlets than a first birthday.

Bonds sell these cute little 5 packs of singlets, in a boys and girls range. I used 3 of them to create these, and have kept the other two, one for my niece (project to come) and the other for another special little man. I really like the range of colours they include, especially the orange.

Boys, boys, boys... so much harder for me to be creative with. Girls have endless amounts of flowers and frills, but boys... I was perplexed. I googled and googled and googled boy clipart and ended up with these AND I LOVE THEM!!!! and I think he does too!

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